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Vegetarian Dishes $8.50 - Chicken / Beef Dishes $9.50 - Prawn Dishes $12.50
Soups Dish (served with rice)
1. Tom KhaThe well known spicy coconut soup, galanga, kaffirs leaves and lemon juice, coriander leaves, mushroom, cabbage, and tomatoes
2. Tom Yum soupWorld famous healthy, tasty broth with mushroom, kaffirs leaves lemongrass, lemon juice, coriander leaves and tomatoes.
Curries Dish (served with rice)
3. Red CurryA delicious red curry paste cooked in creamy coconut cream, courgettes, bean, bamboo shoot sliced and basil
4. Green CurryA famous thai green curry paste cooked in a creamy coconut cream, beans, broccoli, peas and basil
5. Panang CurryThis is the curry you never want to miss out, it is rich, creamy and cooked with roasted curry paste, ground roasted peanut and combination vegetables.
6. MassamaanChunky potatoes, onions, carrots. Cooked in coconut cream with peanut and tamarind juice
7. Yellow CurryThis is cooked with aromatic black magic spice and coconut cream with potato, onions, and pumpkin.
8. Thai Jungle CurryThis is an authentic Thai curry, nice and hot with no coconut cream, thickened with ground rice, red curry paste and along with bamboo shoot, broccoli, carrot, basil leaves
Stir Fried (Pad) (served with rice)
9. Pad MedCashew nuts, veggies and roasted chili paste (mild)
10. Pad PrikSliced fresh chili, capsicum, baby corn
11. Pad Khing (Ginger)Finely sliced ginger, mushroom, spring onions, and onions.
12. Pad Nam Mon HoiCombination vegetables stir fried with oyster sauce
13. Pad Pong KariCombination vegetables stir fried with curry powder and fresh sliced chili
14. Pad Katiam Prik ThaiStir fried crispy garlic, ground peppercorns coriander and sweet soya sauce, capsicum, broccoli
15. Pad Prik KangCombination vegetables stir fried with red curry paste and beans sliced
16. Pad Priew Waan (Sweet Sour)Everyone's favourite dish. Sweet sour sauce topping deep fried battered fish, chicken or prawns, Come along with pineapple, tomato, cucumber, and spring onions
Noodles (no rice)
17. Pad ThaiStir Fried Thai noodles (rice flour) cooked with tamarind sauce, lemon juice, palm sugar, eggs, and crushed peanuts.
18. Egg NoodleIt is stir fried yellow egg noodles with bok choy or choy sum and oyster sauce
19. Satay ChickenSatay Chicken with a very tasty satay peanut sauce served with rice
20. Fried RiceFried rice with egg and mixed veggies
21. Egg Fuyong (Asian Omelette)-Plain / Mixes Vege
-Chicken minced
22. Plain Steamed Rice
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